Intervention Model

We provide personalised care in the Residences, with which older adults achieve conditions of less physical, mental, emotional and social vulnerability, obtaining a better quality of life for our residents and their families.

Programme Structure

Residential Service

We strive for the well-being of the Resident through decent housing and a safe environment.


We improve and maintain a good nutritional status of the Residents.

Medical Care & Nursing

We strive for good physical health to reduce the risk of illness and hospitalisation.

Occupational Therapy

We delay or reduce, as far as possible, the physical and mental deterioration of our Residents.

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

We improve or maintain the functional independence and residual physical capacities of the Residents.

Emotional Health

We strive for the emotional well-being of the Residents so that they have the capacity to enjoy what they are experiencing.

Social Integration

We promote a better integration of the Residents with their family and social environment.

Security & Civil Protection

We are prepared to minimise the negative effects of a natural or man-made disaster.

Our Residences