Intervention Model

In our educational institutions, mothers and fathers are trained to stimulate the development and upbringing of their children, who develop the expected competencies according to the SEP model and we influence their integral development, so that they can complete their basic education with quality.

Programme Structure

Early Stimulation

We lay the foundations for children to have normal development and thus prevent or reduce disabilities.

Official Education

We help children and adolescents to complete their basic education with a quality basic education with a quality education.

Psychopedagogical support

We make it easier for children and adolescents to overcome the delays in terms of expected learning and to develop the competencies for their age and school grade.

Physical, Emotional & Mental Health Education

We enable children and adolescents to enjoy physical, emotional and mental health.

Values Education & Peace Education

We promote harmonious coexistence between children and adolescents, and their better academic performance.

Security & Civil Protection

We minimise the negative effects of a natural or man-made disaster on beneficiaries.

Our schools

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