The consolidation of Fundación Bringas-Haghenbeck, I.A.P. over the years with the incorporation of several foundations.

Luz Bringas Foundation

It all began in 1935 with the Luz Bringas y Robles Foundation. The search for the improvement of social conditions in Mexico and the work of the members of a committed, innovative and conscientious Board of Trustees have been the basis of our growth.

Foundation of María de los Ángeles Haghenbeck y de la Lama
Fusion "FBH

During the 1990s, the Fundación Luz Bringas y Robles and the Fundación María de los Ángeles Haghenbeck y de la Lama merged, consolidating the strategies and social impact that distinguish Fundación Bringas-Haghenbeck, I.A.P.today.

Integration by patrimonial donation of the Residencial "Teodoro Gildred I.A.P.".
Merger with
"Ignacio Medina Lima I.A.P."
Merger with

"Circulo Social Educativo Antonio Malhomme I.A.P."

"Fundación De Socorros Agustín González De Cosío, I.A.P."

Merger with

"Centro de Asistencia Social, A.C." on 18 February 2020. It was founded in Mexico City by people from the German community established in the city, motivated by Pastor Reinhardt Müller in 1963.

Today the Fundación Bringas-Haghenbeck Foundation, I.A.P.
It operates residences dedicated to the care of the elderly; basic education schools incorporated into the SEP and community centres.

The prestige of Fundación Bringas-Haghenbeck, I.A.P., places it as a reference in the operation of centres that benefit the development of individuals, their families and communities.